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Treachery of City National Bank - a true story

Are you considering a so-called “spendthrift trust” to provide for your loved ones?  Read this true story, then think again!

- A bank's treachery   - A ghoulish probate court  - Rapacious lawyers  -

- Breach of trust - Fraudulent K-1 tax reporting - Bogus Appraisals

- So-called "Spendthrift trusts" - no escape from hand of the dead

- A morally bankrupt bankruptcy court  - A "vexatious" statute

- Corrupt judges  - A broken "adversary" judicial system  - Justice Perverted

- Unpublished Opinions - Judge Kozinski's "Judicial Sausage" doctrine

The true story . . . City National Bank, Beverly Hills, California

City National Bank, trustee of grandmother’s spendthrift trust - milks the trust of $350,000 attorney fees with impunity - gangs up with 3 favored beneficiaries to clobber fourth one as a “vexatious litigant” - pushes  him into bankruptcy -  Many legal issues are explored on this web site

Probate Courts

Ghoulish probate courts where rapacious lawyers and corrupt judges team up to rob the dead